What Is Marketing?

It is a notion among many that mere mention of marketing relates to chasing deadlines, product promotion, and driving sales. In 1935, National Association of Marketing Teachers had defined marketing as – “the performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producer to consumer or user”. However, in the present day, the American Marketing Association has drafted a more concise definition that is more self-explanatory. The AMA has defined marketing as – “Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large”. It specifies a behaviour model in a broader way by creating value for the consumers.

Rather than what is reckoned upright, the marketing model is broken up into the following segments;

Identifying the customers through solid research and attention to product development

Strategizing the communication, delivery of the products and services to existing and potential customers

Identifying the right markets and deciding the price for the products being marketed

Being knowledgeable with regards to handling international markets and cultures

Marketing is a core business function and not just any 9-5 occupation. When you have a business degree in marketing, you will have an edge to develop business tools that give you a handle on creating a right environment that helps you structure and streamline your business. You will be able to support your goals via market design, research, and maintenance aspects of an organization. If you have a handle on marketing, you will also be able to connect with your target audience.

Career In Marketing

Having a degree in marketing? Then, you will have a better leverage in pursuing the right career path. Whether breaking into a finer career or excelling in your present job, a marketing degree will give you an edge. Marketing degree programs is a collection of statistical and mathematical courses of accounting degree. The program also includes focusing on business major and human behavioural studies that are part of liberal arts. There are also some extracts from web and e-commerce centric marketing principles.

Career Education in Marketing

By choosing a Marketing degree, you will acquire skills related to product development (birth of an idea to its realization). You will learn critical things that are relevant to competition in the present day unforgiving marketing scenario.

A company’s largest expenditures is consumed by the marketing. A sizable chunk of the workforce is consumed by the marketing professional. The economic fluctuations do not affect the need for marketing experts. Scaling the ladder of success in your career is easier when you choose a marketing profile. Your dreams of landing a decision-making role are quickly realized.

To hire a marketing professional, most big league companies prefer a bachelor’s degree as minimum prerequisites. And MBA is most preferred to be absorbed into management domain. Adapting to the changing times, acquiring management degree is considered far too easy, as more people these days choose to earn a management degree online. Thanks to reputed institutions that extend learning opportunities, many working professional find it convenient to push ahead in the career with the online degree programs.

Associate Degrees In Marketing

When you earn a Marketing Associate degree, you leap ahead towards bachelor’s degree or other entry level jobs. Associate degree in marketing will help you land jobs such as – advertising, promotions, customer service, and wholesale distributions. You will have to prove your excellence in math and aptitude along with a GED. You will be decoding several case studies. Hence, it is better that you be acquainted with work experience.

Bachelor’s Degrees In Marketing

If you wish to be rewarded with a better opportunity and pay, you could apply for the business administration degree with Marketing as specialization. Better rewards come over a longer period. It takes a longer duration for you to earn a business marketing degree than an associate degree. After earning a graduation, you can choose from a list of career choice in the sales, marketing, marketing research, and promotions.

What Can You Do With A Marketing Degree?

A vast majority of marketing degree holders will start the career with an entry-level sales job. As you ascend the ladder of experience, you will soon find yourself in the heart of marketing management position.

The vast majority of marketing professionals work in sales as an entry point. With your increased experience and education, you may qualify to move more quickly into a marketing management position.

There is no field of occupation where marketing isn’t applicable. Most job opportunities are found in ad agencies, market research, PR firms, Brand management, sales corporate marketing and retail department. Many people overlook the opportunities in the non-profit organizations such as the arts group, charities and communities of special interest.

Career In Marketing

The duties of a marketing manager are to oversee the functioning of the department that are in charge of determining market demand, promotion of products, maximizing the profits via pricing and defining the distribution strategy. According to research in 2003, the average salary of the marketing manager is $74,000.

As part of an in-house department or offsite market research firm, market research analysts handle defining the ‘problem,’ developing the research methodology, analysing data, and interpreting and presenting the results. A master’s degree is the minimum requirement for several private sector firms. Breaking into a career as a marketing interviewer, trainee, or as a research assistant is easier when you have a bachelor’s degree.

The brand or product manager of an organization is entitled to oversee the responsibilities for selected products. Although, the job is challenging, it is well paying, and you will not be burdened with overtime or the necessity to travel. To successfully become a brand manager, you will need a marketing bachelor’s degree as a minimum prerequisite.

The sales manager defines the limits for the operation of a company. He or she is in charge of the quota, incentives program, training, hiring and recruiting. A sales manager handles supervising the sales team. The most preferred candidates are those who have worked bearing experience along with a graduate degree. Your work nature will involve processing stats and data that you have compiled. So, you will be capable of structuring a functional business model to enhance profit generation.

Advertising managers are quirky thinkers who often think of their creative perspective to bring forth a target oriented objective. They are usually critical in the production and media planning domains.

Licensing And Certification

The critical skill of a marketing pursuer is the ability to not fall back in reckoning the trends. You will necessarily have to be well acquainted with the marketing scenario and the lay of the land. Being well informed is the ideal quality of a marketing practitioner.